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Sweeney Enterprises LLC builds a relationship with clients by specializing in a full range of marketing, communication, multi-media, and social media services to help any new or existing business or aspiring college athlete succeed in today's competitive surroundings.

In an effort to increase emplolyee job performance, Sweeney Enterprises LLC, through its Seminars for Success Training program, also provides a variety of educational workshop instructional programs for the manager and staff.
For a brief overview of the many services provided by Sweeney Enterprises LLC, please click on the following link:

*Advertising- develop business' strategic advertising campaigns utilizing multi-media and social media strategies. Services include audio voice over for radio, television, and company videos. Sweeney Enterprises LLC can become your commercial vocie or advertising voice.

*Agent Services - Sweeney Enterprises LLC can become a representative for you and coordinate contract negotiations for paid public speaking opportunities.

*Athletic Video Productions - write, direct, and produce individual athletic and/or company videos. Sweeney Enterprises is a production company that addresses your specific video needs.
*Marketing - develop and implement company marketing plans. Sweeney Enterprises LLC can promote the communication strategy that works best for you.

*Media Relations  - assist in organizing a positive and proactive relationship with the media. Sweeney Enterprises LLC knows how to contact the press and develop public relations campaigns.
*Memorial Videos - videotapes and produces funeral, memorial service, and gravesite ceremony DVD videos. Sweeney Enterprises LLC tastefully videotapes and produces a DVD that captures those moments and remembrance remarks offered during those services or ceremonies that celebrate the life of your loved one.
*Public Relations - advise businesses on successful techniques in achieving positive media coverage with coordinated public relations campaigns.


*Seminars for Success Workshop Presenter - educate business owners, manager, and frontline staff on various marketing topics such as business communication, e-mail etiquette, marketing your business on a shoestring marketing budget, and complying with the HIPAA Privacy and HITECH regulations.

*Social Media Marketing - assist small businesses in organizing and developing Facebook site and YouTube channel.

*Web Site Development - provide and implement tips and suggestions on improving web site appearance for small businesses pursuing their first web site. Sweeney Enterprises LLC has experience with writing copy for websites.

*Writing Services - deliver business report writing and copy writing for web sites.


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How to Use the 4 C's in Crisis Communication

Several area for-profit and non-profit organization representatives recently attended the Sweeney Enterprises LLC workshop training session entitled"How to Use the 4 C's in Crisis
The Sweeney Enterprises LLC "Seminar for Success Workshop" addressed the following topics:
* What the Media Wants.
* How to Create a Good Rapport with the Media.
* Choosing the "Right" Words to Say.
* Real Life Crisis Communication Successes and Blunders.

The half-day session concluded with each attendee being presented with a hypothetical crisis situation, developing the appropriate "talking points" and then participating in a mock on-camera videotaped interview.

For information about future "Seminar for Success Workshops"  please email 


Learning in a Fun Atmosphere Featured at 
Sweeney Enterprises LLC Client Camps
The Game Speed Camp by Fiorillo Fitness LLC and Matt Burch Championship Baseball's 9th Annual Baseball Camp were two successful youth athletic events held during the summer of 2014. Once again Sweeney Enterprises LLC utilized a variety of traditional marketing and social media strategies in coordinating and promoting both camps this year.
Fiorillo Fitness LLC and Matt Burch Championship Baseball will soon start planning for their 2015 camps. Be sure to check back to this website in early 2015 for the details regarding both camps.