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Montage of photos with Denis Sweeney and former Buffalo Bills quarterback Jim Kelly. Sweeney was the emcee of the event featuring the NFL Hall of Fame member Kelly.
Denis Sweeney leading a workshop training session regarding media relations.

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Denis Sweeney speaking with attendees at one of his workshop seminars.
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Sweeney Enterprises LLC  Is Here To Help You Succeed

Sweeney Enterprises LLC  builds a relationship with clients by specializing in a full range of marketing, communication, multi-media, and social media services to help any new or existing business or aspiring college athlete succeed in today's competitive surroundings. In an effort to increase employee job performance, Sweeney Enterprises LLC, through its Seminars for Success Training program, also provides a variety of educational workshop instructional programs for the manager and staff. Are you interested in meeting with a marketing consultant? Sweeney Enterprises LLC  ​is proudly serving the Elmira, NY and Corning, NY area. Contact me today!

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Please contact Sweeney Enterprises LLC at your convenience for an initial consultation. I'll work with you one on one to determine a roadmap to success. I proudly serve the Elmira, NY and Corning, NY area and look forward to working with you soon.

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