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Mark Frampton demonstrating a baseball bat hitting a ball.


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Denis Sweeney addressing the use of the social media Snapchat with 3 seminar attendees.

Peter Wallin

Sweeney Enterprises LLC

Founded in January of 2003 as a sole proprietor and a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in 2014, Sweeney Enterprises LLC offers the personal touch of one-on-one service and assistance. 

From start to finish, Sweeney Enterprises LLC creates and implements a formula where every customer walks away with their own "winning game plan." Let Sweeney Enterprises LLC help you produce a positive return on your marketing investment! Sweeney Enterprises LLC is proudly serving the Elmira, New York and Corning, New York area. Become one of the growing number of Sweeney Enterprises LLC clients by contacting Sweeney Enterprises LLC today at 607-769-5145 or by email at

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