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" Our wedding videos are now captured in a much more reliable AND convenient form, and to know that our memories are safe is a HUGE relief. I'm just glad the tapes done 27 years ago were still in good shape. 

I would certainly recommend this service to anyone that has video (VHS) tapes with important content on them. What a peach of mind!

Thank you for getting them done so quickly too!"  

Chris Goll
​Campbell, New York


" Thank you Sweeney Enterprises LLC for your excellent service, transferring our video on a flash drive to a DVD. Job well done and ready the next day! ***** (5 star rating)"  

Betsy Kent
​Horseheads, New York


" I used Sweeney Enterprises LLC to convert my VHS tapes to DVD format. The final product was professionally done and in a timely manner. Very pleased!"  

Dom Esposito
​Fairport, New York


"After more than 46 years of living in our current home, we decided it was time to sell.  Moving is an arduous, time-consuming, tedious task.  There are so many decisions about what to keep, what to sell, and what to throw away.  Including 46 years of memories. 

​We were lucky our daughter knew Denis Sweeney from Sweeney Enterprises, LLC , and graciously said she was making a gift of converting our VHS tapes.  Before I knew it, she had them back to us.  Turn around time was very fast! 

Then in the midst of all I had to do to get ready for this move, I said well let’s just see what pops up.  They were conveniently labeled with a reference sheet to easily identify what you are watching.

 I have one older Mac that has a Zip drive so I went ahead and loaded up!  You do need Flip Player and we have that downloaded and WOW!  Next thing I knew it was Christmas 1997.  There was my mother still in her prime, her car parked in the driveway, the dog barking, and one of my infamous Christmas trees.  How I cried hearing and seeing all that.  My Shelley was just married….no kids yet.  The old wallpaper, the old rug.   Oh my, like a flood of precious memories right there in front of me. 

 Thank you, Denis, for doing this for us.  You will LOVE his finished product and the hours of memories.   We forget more than we like to admit.  The details are there in front of you that capture years.   Not on a shelf in some box you may never look at again even if you had a VHS player. 

 We are who we are because of those who come before us, we need to remember and cherish."

Sharon Messina
Deerfield Beach, Florida 



" I gave Sweeney Enterprisess LLC VHS Tapes that needed extensive editing. Denis did a great job. I highly recommend his service."  
Tony Fitzpatrick
​Tucson, Arizona

Do you have a box full of VHS, VHS-C, or Mini-DV tapes that contain a host of memories ranging from your wedding day to your childrens' little league games?

How do you preserve those memories?

Sweeney Enterprises LLC  can now convert  your VHS, VHS-C, or Mini-DV tapes of memories into DVDs or USB Flash Drives.  You can download the price list/order form by clicking on the photo below. Do you have a box full of VHS,VHS-C, or Mini-DV tapes that contain a host of memories ranging from your wedding day to your childrens' little league games?

How do you preserve those memories?

Let Sweeney Enterprises LLC  preserve your memorable moments for years to come by transforming your outdated VHS, VHS-C, or Mini-DV tapes into DVDs or USB Flash Drives.

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