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To view a Sweeney Enterprises LLC demo video of a memorial service, please click on this link to the Sweeney Enterprises YouTube channel.

When a loved one has left this world, not every family member or friend may have the opportunity to attend the funeral, memorial, or gravesite service.  Missing any of those ceremonies can leave a void for those families and friends. Sweeney Enterprises LLC can fill that gap by videotaping the entire service from start to finish or any segment of the service.
Sweeney Enterprises LLC, with several years of video production experience, tastefully videotapes and produces a DVD that captures those comments and memories shared throughout the ceremony.

With over 20 years of public relations, media, and marketing experience, Denis Sweeney's videotaping style proceeds along the lines of a low-key understated approach during these solemn and difficult times.

Flowers at a gravesite.

Options for Tribute Videos

Sweeney Enterprises LLC offers a personal touch with its one-on-one service and assistance in videotaping the specific service or ceremony you request:

  • Church Funeral or Memorial Ceremony
  • Funeral Home Service
  • Gravesite Ritual Ceremony

The videotaping production services of funerals, memorials, or gravesite services are:

  • Respectful
  • Professional
  • Reverent
  • Considerate

One Family's Burial Service DVD Video

"I want to thank you for the excellent videography you did for the combined funeral and memorial service for my father, John J. Bauer (Jack) and my brother John Jay Bauer (Jay). From the moment of contact you were caring, professional, reviewed exactly what you would do and organized. After knowing the location of the cemetery you took time to locate it prior to the service and contacted me to let me know your arrival time to set up, to meet there and finalize our plan for the service and your participation. You were also very adaptable when finding out at the last moment that this would be a dual service due to my brother's death.
You told me you would not be intrusive and I can honestly say I remember seeing you only twice during the service and burial although the proceedings lasted well over an hour. I only saw you when speaking and briefly after the burial.
My contacts with you showed what a caring person you are and very professional in explaining your process, fees and what we would receive for your services. Your quick turnaround time for the videos surprised me and after viewing I was extremely pleased with the quality, the extra time you took to add memorable touches with pictures and headings and the music integrated at the end of the service.
Denis, I can only say Bill and I are very impressed with the product, with your care and concern and with your professionalism.
Thank you for all your support, especially since we were working with you from out of State. I certainly will highly recommend you to any and all who are interested in having a memorial of their loved ones final services. It was a pleasure to work with you and I wish you much success in launching this wonderful service to other families."
Carol B. Wellner
Amelia, Virginia

Opening video slide tribute to Jack and Jay Bauer.

Funeral Memorial Services Video Productions

Sweeney Enterprises LLC Memorial Service Video Productions captures those moments and remembrance remarks offered during those services or ceremonies that celebrate the live of your loved ones.

Cherish those lifetime memories with a quality produced DVD of your loved one's memorial, funeral or gravesite service.

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