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Bookstores and libraries around the country are filled with articles and books about sales, advertising and marketing. However, there is nothing written about one of the keys to long-term success - "Image Marketing." Learn the secrets of "In Pursuit of Business" in enhancing your current image from successful entrepreneur, businessman, and author Peter Wallin. Through his enthusiastic energy, motivating magnetism and real-life experiences Peter shows audiences how they can promote themselves to employers, customers, co-workers and the community.

Peter's 2007 book of the same name outlines a precise step-by-step process that leads business owners onto a path that he believes is at the very heart of business success: relationship building.

To schedule Peter as your next keynote speaker, seminar presenter or business workshop leader please contact Wallin's agent Denis Sweeney of Sweeney Enterprises LLC directly at (607) 769-5145 or via e-mail at