Three players demonstrating a baseball swing.

Col. Mark Frampton, USMC, (Ret.), owner and operator of Hittown Hitting, is a certified instructor with Mike Epstein Hitting, and has helped numerous athletes improve their 
swing mechanics, allowing them to, literally, HIT their potential. Instruction 
and video analysis takes place at Hittown Hitting's indoor, state-of-the-art facility, located 
in the Town of Caton, between Corning and Elmira, New York.

Frampton has been personally taught and trained by Mike Epstein regarding the 
principles of the Epstein Teaching System. Epstein, who played in the Major 
Leagues for 9 years, played for, and mentored under Hall of Famer Ted
Williams , considered by countless baseball experts as, the greatest hitter of
all-time. Ted and Mike were the epitome of Teacher-Student for 30 years, until 
Ted's passing in 2002.

Hittown Hitting stresses rotational mechanics in executing a softball/baseball swing. 
"Rotational Mechanics" is a term coined by Williams and Epstein when they
developed this teaching system in the mid- 1990's. But, more simply put, we teach
the swing of the GREAT hitters - be they baseball OR softball.

Hittown Hitting's "7-Days-No Excuses" program features, on average, seven, one-hour
sessions, with the objective of re-teaching the athlete the OPTIMUM
mechanical movements in swinging a bat. 

To learn more about Hittown Hitting, please click on its Facebook page at Hittown Hitting.

The Pitchers' Plank pitching aid.
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Hittown Hitting Pricing Structure:

Hittown Hitting can instruct up to four players at a time, so the investment in its "7-Days-No Excuses"program to accomplish the goal of hitting for higher average and power calls for the following:

1 Athlete @ $120 per hour = $800 Total Cost
2 Athletes @ $ 75 per hour = $1,000 Total Cost
3 Athletes @ $ 65 per hour = $1,400 Total Cost
4 Athletes @ $ 55 per hour= $1,500 Total Cost

Contact Mark Frampton, a retired Colonel, US Marines Corps, to schedule your baseball or softball players for this highly successfully instructional program.

Contact Hittown Hitting at 607-524-6674 or by email at

Mark Frampton demonstrating how a baseball bat strikes a ball.

​The Pitchers' Plank is a revolutionary softball pitching aid. It "forces" the pitcher to emphasize BIO-MECHANICALLY CORRECT use of the body's core muscles, in order to produce the movements that will achieve optimum results.
There is no other softball pitching aid like The Pitchers' Plank on the market today because of its:

Easy on the Body- Shock Absorption
Patented Heel Guides
Quick Assembly/Take-Down
No-Slip Grip
Light and Compact

To learn more about The Pitchers' Plank and how to purchase this product click just on the following website link -

Here's a note Hittown Hitting owner, Col. Mark Frampton, USMC, (Ret.) emailed to Sweeney Enterprises LLC after helping with the development of Hittown Hitting's Facebook page:

"Just a short note of thanks for helping wade through the unknowns of the social media mysteries and getting me set up to promote my passion.

When I knew I was ready to begin this type of promotion for Hittown Hitting, I also knew that I was totally clueless in HOW to get it going. You obviously have invented this wheel numerous times before, so I was ecstatic to find that you were able to make it as painless and efficient as it turned out to be.

If I am approached by anyone who has a similar service or business they are attempting to grow, Sweeney Enterprises LLC will be the first that I give them. Thanks for being a true professional - and a good guy too."

The Following Pitchers' Plank Videos Were Videotaped And Produced By ​Sweeney Enterprises LLC here.

Individual And Group Hitting Instruction

The Pitchers' Plank

​Here's what The Pitchers' Plank inventor, Col. Mark Frampton, USMC, (Ret.) had to say about Sweeney Enterprises LLC's  involvement with the marketing efforts in promoting his product:

"As we attempted to launch our totally brand-new softball pitching training device, The Pitchers' Plank, and knowing virtually NOTHING about advertising on social media, Denis was a "no-brainer" choice . Having worked with Denis previously, he was more than accommodating to my needs, particularly my crazy schedule at the critical time. With the help of his daughter, Molly, they did a first-rate professional video shoot, complete with top quality action videos, great sound, over-dubs and still shots for inclusion on our website. 

His ability to set up a Facebook page and tie it to our website was also first-rate , as well as being quick and painless. Moreover, he was able to simplify the Facebook advertising puzzle to greatly assist this social media neophyte.

I would recommend Denis to any small business entity that needs a truly knowledgeable professional , who can keep the technical subject matter from becoming an overwhelming burden. "​

Marketing/Public Relations/Video Production

Hittown Hitting

Demonstrating how to use The Pitchers' Plank

Revolutionary Softball Pitching Training Aid