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Rather than dwell on my years of experience, at Sweeney Enterprises LLC,  I prefer to focus on the future. However, I would like to add that Sweeney Enterprises LLC fulfilled the requirements and passed the certification exam to become an Accredited Small Business Consultant (ASBC).   

By receiving the ASBC designation Sweeney Enterprises LLC demonstrated the knowledge required in all core competencies of small business and SME (small to medium-sized enterprises) consulting to effectively assist clients in improving operations and achieving higher profits.

For a brief overview of the many services provided by Sweeney Enterprises LLC, a marketing/public relations consulting firm for small businesses and nonprofit  organizations please click play on our audio commercial. 

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  • ​​​Advertising

  • Agent Services

  • Media Relations​

Sweeney Enterprises LLC - Marketing/Public Relations  Consulting For Small Businesses & Nonprofit Organizations

  • ​Video Production

  • Web Site Development

  • Workshop Leader

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Services Include:​

  • ​Marketing

  • Public Relations

  • Social Media Marketing​